Answered By: Marc Forster
Last Updated: 15 Dec 2017     Views: 49

Normally when you search you are looking for your search terms anywhere in the content being searched. This is called a keyword (or free text) search. For example, when you search Google, it looks for your search terms anywhere on the webpages indexed by Google. When you search a database, it searches anywhere in the records in that database (i.e. the title, author, source information and abstract when available).

If you are doing a search for a title and author together (for example: poe raven), you should perform the search as a keyword search. Be aware that when you perform a keyword search using an author's name, you will find both items written by the author and items written about the author (biographies, criticism, etc.).

Tip:  Use precise keywords to find relevant items.  If you use a broad or vague term, you risk getting too many irrelevant results.