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You can find Medline under M in the Databases A-Z.  Click on the name of the database to access it.

Before you try to search a database, you should make sure you have properly scoped your search and identified your key concepts and synonyms. You can get help with this from the FAQs below:

Once you have planned your search and chosen your search terms, you are ready to search Medline.

Always select Advanced Search in Ovid databases.

First, do a Subject Heading search by entering in your concept (no synonyms required), making sure the Map Term to Subject Headings box is TICKED, and pressing search:


Tick the box next to the appropriate Subject Heading from the list offered and click Continue:


Now enter your free text/keyword search for the same concept, using all your synonyms. Make sure to leave Map Term to Subject Headings UNTICKED this time - this search will look for any of your search terms in the title or abstract of all the articles in the database: 


Click on Search History (above the search box) to see both searches and the number of results for each search. Now you can create a single concept search.  Tick the boxes next to both searches and click the OR button. This will combine all the results from the Subject Heading search and the free text search for this concept:


Repeat this process for each of your concepts, until you have a concept search for each of your search concepts. Select the concept searches by ticking the box next to them. Make sure the search field is EMPTY, then click the AND button to combine your concept searches:


This will give you a final set of results that contain all of your concepts. You can use the Limits options below the search box to filter your results by date, source type, geography and more:

For guidance on accessing the full text of your results, see the FAQ "How can I access the full text of articles from databases?"

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